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An Android version of the classic Wii Tennis


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Motion Tennis Cast is a tennis game for Android that lets you use your Android as a racket while you watch the match on the TV screen (meaning you'll need to connect a Chromecast). In other words, you can basically transform your Android device into a Wii controller and play a sort of Wii Sports.

It's important to keep in mind that to enjoy Motion Tennis Cast it's absolutely necessary to have a Chromecast, Miracast, or AllShareCast enabled. This is because you actually see the game itself on the TV. On your device's screen you'll see just the menu and the settings.

Gameplay in Motion Tennis Cast is very similar to the classic Wii Tennis. In other words, you have to use your Android device like a racket, doing the necessary gestures to hit the ball at just the right time. Your player, as in the Nintendo game, moves automatically.

Motion Tennis Cast is quite a lot less accurate than Wii Tennis. The style is the same, yes, but the game is much less precise in the hits you make. That said, you can still compete with other players around the world online.

Motion Tennis Cast is a radically different game to what you are used to on Android – something new, clever, and fun. An experience worth giving a try.
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You must have a TV connected to a Chromecast device.


Requires Android 4.2 or higher